Pattern Manufacture

Aptec Composites specialises in the production of high accuracy large and complex patterns for production of high quality moulds.

Our 3-D modelling and CNC technology work together to allow ultimate flexibility and accuracy in the production of almost any size and shape of pattern imaginable.

Modular building techniques mean we are not limited by size.

Aptec Composites has considerable experience in the production of patterns for infusion and RTM moulding and patterns can be sealed to allow for shrinkage if required.

Aptec Composites works in a large range of materials for pattern production to ensure the resulting pattern meets the required strength, stability, accuracy and cost.

Typically we manufacture patterns from the following materials:

  • Tooling board
  • PVC
  • Craft wood
  • Filled polyester over foam

Aptec can quote direct from existing 3-D models or 2-D sketches, our comprehensive design service can model complete patterns including required flanging so clients have an accurate model of the finished patterns for approval, not just the parts being produced.

We can accept 3-D models from most common design packages.