Components: Air, Land, Sea


  • Production of speciality moulds including moulds for high temperature pre-preg part production.
  • Production of all non critical flight components from a variety of processes.
  • Carbon sheeting for flight consoles & other parts CNC cut as required.
  • Custom parts for internal fit out.
  • Airport markers

Land Vehicles

custom built trailer

  • Motor homes
  • Trains
  • Caravans
  • Buses
  • Cars
  • Ute backs
  • Truck components
  • Prototype parts


boat production

  • Production of custom patterns and moulds of almost any size.
  • Hand lay-up, resin infusion and RTM part production.
  • Flat sheet production
  • Sandwich panel construction
  • CNC machining of panels for bulkheads, flooring & longitudinals