Why Choose Aptec?

Our Advantages

Aptec Composites is a leader in the composites industry incorporating the latest design and production techniques to assist you in getting your product to market sooner. Our design service will optimise your design, increase functionality and fit, and produce all concept and working drawings required. Our moulding and production department will quickly and accurately produce these designs using the latest production technology and our assemblies section will assemble and commission the finished product.

With advanced materials and processes Aptec Composites can quickly turn you design into a reality, with the ability to create highly complex shapes with ease, the possibilities for new designs and applications are almost endless. Once incorporated into the design process CNC machining allows the designer freedom of form not otherwise possible.

Aptec Composites uses a team of experienced engineers providing a complete CAD design service. Using the latest in 3D parametric solids modelling we can quickly and efficiently create working drawings with a high degree of flexibility and accuracy. Our FEA capabilities enable us to optimise material selection and part design.

At Aptec, we utilise the latest in robotic technology for the production of plugs and patterns. They are produced directly from CAD drawings by our large capacity CNC machining centre, ensuring accuracy impossible to match by conventional construction techniques. Our construction methodologies enable us to create plugs of any size through modular technology.

We can also assist you to put your product into production by supplying streamlined tooling, processes and technologies to suit your individual application.Lead times for plug production are substantially lower using our process. This gives our customers the ability to get their product into production fast, saving weeks or months and improving their bottom line.

These processes together with many years of experience in the design and development of new products, enable us to minimize tooling costs and streamline your production process while maintaining the flexibility to quickly and easily incorporate changes and improvements as required.